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Managing USB printers 

Workaround managing locally attached USB printers. 



USB printers do not have a standard communication protocol across brands. Each OEM has its own. So there is no one fits all protocol like happens with network printers with SNMP.  

Turning USB into network printers

If we can turn a local USB printer into a network printer, that would solve the problem. So we could use the standard SNMP protocol AKA the same AMR driver that we normally use to manage all printers.  

Printer requirements

The monitored USB Printer must have also an Ethernet socket (RJ45) available so we can plug in a network cable. 

Extra hardware

We will need a low cost hardware. USB to network adapter. Price can go within a range of 3€ (buying in bulk) to 15 € (one by one) a piece. We will also need a short network cable to connect the adapter to the  printer.     


Once the printer is connected to the Ethernet cable. The cable is connected to the adapter and the adapter is connected to the USB port of the PC. We can install the standard AMR driver (DCA) to monitor that printer and collect meter readings and consumable status.     

Special AMR driver for some cases. 

If you have many printers ( +100) of the same brand a similar model we can study if a software solution may be possible. We've done some solutions with HP printers and Kyocera printers. Let us know your situation and we'll check it out for you.