Sales conditions and terms of service

The purpose of installing the AMR software in the network of the client, is collecting the following data from printers: meter readings, consumable levels printer error messages, service alarms and other data that can be helpful for maintenance and service of the equipment.


Operation: A Driver installed in the customer’s lan, will collect data from all printers connected to the network. Data relevant to the maintenance of the printers is transferred to the dealer’s database periodically. Service includes the use AMR driver with limitation depending on the license. Software updates are included in the service.

Compatible: The software works with the vast majority of printers and copy machines connected to the network with protocol SNMP and HTML.

Billing Software: The AMR printer management software can export data in different file formats. Customized filed files to sync with your ERP can be done on request. 

Support: 24h response is the estimated time on weekdays. Support will be given via e-mail or phone depending on license. 

Approval: The system will report meter readings and other data provided by printers. If you miss any details, please get in touch with our support team to request a printer approval. 

Minimum requirements:

Monitored printers should be turned on and connected to the local network. The computer where the software runs, must be on the same network, connected to the printer and with access to Internet. The AMR driver must be installed on Microsoft Windows operating system up to date.  

Bidirectional connectivity with the domain on port 80 (check White paper). Any antivirus or firewall or security system blocking must allow the AMR software to run. If needed,exception rules must be set on place. 

Security and privacy:

Virus free: AMR ensures that the AMR driver in AMR website, is free from viruses and malware.

Traffic: The company certifies that installing and running the AMR software does not affect in any significant way to the data flow and performance of the network.

Privacy: AMR certifies that the data collected from printers is strictly for the purpose of billing management and maintenance. AMR agrees not used for personal gain or to third parties any information that could be accessed in the service.

Confidentiality: The Company undertakes that the information extracted from these printers is strictly confidential and applied solely for the purposes of maintenance, billing or customer related statistics and can not be published in any form or by any means without the explicit consent of the customer .

Communications: For data transmission, the service includes the use of a communication server owned by AMR.

Sales conditions

The duration of this contract shall be one month from the date of acceptance. After this period, this contract will automatically renew for additional periods of one month each.

Payment: The customer must pay the service during the first week of the month of service at the latest. In case of default of such payment, the service will be suspended.

Price lists: AMR price list include the software as service and a limited service support. Taxes are not included. Support will always be given remotely. AMR reserves the right to change the prices of the products and services listed on the website without prior notice.

Digital format. All software will be provided by AMR for download from the AMR website. 

Disclaimer: In case of service interruption or failure in the software, AMR is not responsible for any damages or liabilities that may exceed the amount paid by the customer during the last month of service.

Intellectual property: AMR states that their softwares are of their exclusive property, engaging the customer and their employees not to attack directly or indirectly against the Intellectual Property Law.

Law: This Agreement shall be governed by, and interpreted and construed in accordance with, the substantive laws of Catalonia – Spain, conflicts of law excluded Both parties hereby irrevocably submit any disputes under this Agreement to the jurisdiction of Barcelona – Catalonia – Spain.