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Some questions normally asked

Does AMR read all printers

AMR reads all network printers from all brands. Some printers report more details that others but at least all report meter readings.   

USB printers are not supported because they don't share a common protocol. In some cases we have a workaround, so contact us for details.   

How does AMR collect meter readings

You will need to install a small piece of software, we call it driver, at the client side in order to collect meter readings, consumable levels and service alarms of all network printers. If you like.

We also have available a low cost hardware that can be plugged into the client network and do the job without any further installation.  

How often will I get meter readings 

Every 24h the driver will send meter readings. If there is any relevant change in consumable levels or in meter readings or there is a new service alarm, you will receive an update in a 10 minutes max delay. The computer where the driver is installed must up and running and connected to the internet.

You can also a request meter readings of particular client from your office at any time and you will receive a reply in 10 minutes time.

Which info do I get from my monitored printers

Each printer report different values. Most printers report meter readings, toner levels and service alarms. Some printers report toner in % step by step levels and some others report consumable levels in ( Full / almost empty / empty ) levels without intermediate steps. The rule of a thumb is that if you open the website of the printer, what you see there, most likely is what AMR reports.