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Download printer management software

Client software to collect printer data (Driver)

Install it into any PC or server connected to the same network where printers are connected to. Needs internet access to work.

Minimum requirements (Windows):
Microsoft Framework .NET 4.52 or higher (Download Framework)

Download (ZIP)Download

Download documents

Download brochures and literature about printer management software

AMR Product brochure

Overview of the printer management software features in a PDF file.


White paper

Technical details about how the software works. Which ports and protocols are used. You can send it to the IT manager of your enterprise client. 


Other Downloads

Less usual software

AMR driver for older Windows versions (XP) 

Discontinued version. Download AMR driver  for Window XP running on Microsoft Framework .NET 3.5


Printer approval software for new printer models

If a new printer model is not reporting in some cases it may require a printer approval file. To run the approval, launch this software in a PC with a network with the printer connected and select the desired printer. Call us for support if you need to.   


Setup AMR Cube 

Software to setup AMR Cube. 


Clone SD cards to use in AMR Cube

Replicate SD cards once the firmware is already installed.  


Web app server installer

Installer to update web app server