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Tech questions from AMR Manager, dealer side 

Support- VPN. Remote connections  (New)

Important: In order to remotely access the AMR driver, end user must accept the connection and legal conditions.

If the customer accepts the conditions and selects unattended mode, the dealer will be able to directly access the driver without disturbing the customer.

Important: It is necessary to open an account on and do some prior configuration.

Setup NetbirdUser manual

From Web Manager

From the Manager go to "Installs" Menu.
- Select from the dropdown menu: Add a list of printers.
- Paste the list of IPs that you want to add.
- Press Send.

In a few minutes, if there is a printer that could not be added because it does not respond to the added IP, an event will appear in the "Service alarms" tab.   

Important: Clients that have AMR installed on their own network, in order to provide access from outside the network, must have an open port. Customers who have AMR in the cloud, can give access to end users directly.

To give access to a final client so that they can see their printers in a reduced interface, you must create a user associated with a client code or installation.

Instructions: Users / New end users / search for a client or installation / press the edit icon / indicate credentials.

If the "Install code" checkbox is marked, this user will only have access to the printers associated with this installation. For example, if the client has multiple sites, a user might see only the printers from one site. Other users could see all the equipment associated with a client code, regardless of the location.

To delete "lost" and or "stopped" printers in bulk can be done in a snap.

Menu: Setup / Clean DB tab / Make a backup first ba safe / Press button 2 or 3 or both.

Changes can be made to the client driver remotely, taking into account that any feedback will have a delay of about 10 minutes.

You can add a printer, disable an installation or make a network scanner for example.

Menu: Installs / search for the installation corresponding to the client / press the gear icon.

At the top right you will see the time since the last connection. If this time is greater than 10 minutes, it means that the driver is not connected. It could be that the computer is turned off or there is a communication issue. Perhaps the antivirus. For any change to take effect, it is essential to have communication with the driver.

In the "Send order" dropdown you can choose the order you want to send. For example to add a printer: "Add new printer" and indicate the IP.

If you send "Scan for printers" it is possible that the antivirus detects excessive network traffic and blocks the driver.
It is better to turn "Discovery" ON to make a slower scan and check again after a few hours.

To receive maintenance alerts by email, it can be configured as follows:

Menu: Setup / SMTP setup / indicate the credentials of the outgoing mail and, above all, leave the "Activate alerts" checkbox checked.
Also enter an administration email to receive notifications.
By pressing "Save" the data will be saved and a test email will be sent.

Once saved, you can your emial inbox or also check the Log if the mail has been sent correctly. If "eml_err" appears in the subject, it didn't come thought and if "eml_ok" comes out, everything should be fine.

Go to the "Email alerts" tab and fill in the emails where you want to receive notifications to.
The first 4 fields correspond to the printers marked as "Under contract". The bottom 2 are for out-of-contract printers. If they are left blank, no email will be sent.

Type in a valid path to save the backup, If so, a copy will automatically be saved every day.
If another frequency is required, send us a ticket to change it.
By default backups are kept for 30 days. After 30 days they will be deleted automatically.

For cloud servers, an FTP can be set up for backup.
Send us a ticket for help. 

When the "amr downloader" service is stopped, a message like this appears on the screen.

Possible reasons:
Lack of hard drive space.
SQL failures. The best way to know what exactly is happening is to check the system log that is saved in the folder: C:/last_amr/ with the date of the day in the file name.
You can email it to us at support[a] with an explanation of the problem.

All the details with examples of the APIs are on this page: API's  .

Open a ticket