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FAQ - Driver

Tech questions for AMR driver, client side

Support- VPN. Remote connections  (New)

Important: In order to remotely access the AMR driver, end user must accept the connection and legal conditions.

If the customer accepts the conditions and selects unattended mode, the dealer will be able to directly access the driver without disturbing the customer.

Driver installation

How to IMPORT a list of IPs of printers that we want to install in an AMR driver.

- Copy an iPs file in CSV format to the folder
C:/Driverprinter/import/ (with exact name "import_ip.csv").

- Paste the url into the browser:

- Wait a couple minutes and open the log file in the same folder. Once the process is finished, the log will reflect the IPs added correctly and those not found.

- If there are any import errors, add at least 2 printers manually and try exporting to a file.
Make sure the format is exactly the same in your file.

How to EXPORT a list of IPs of already installed printers, for example to install the driver on another computer.

- Paste the url into the browser:

- Once the process is finished, an export_ip.csv file will appear in this folder:
C:/Driverprinter/import/ folder.

Download client software here 

Press "screenshots" to see the security messages that Windows will show you.

Running the installer will pop up this screen. Type in your license and a code that will help you to easily identify your client.

Once installed, this screen will show up while doing a network scan for network printers. Click "Scan network" if it hasn't started on its own.

If a printer is missing, you can add it manually in "Add printer" indicating the IP of the printer.

You may need to add an extra range of IP's. Hit subnet i the menu and add a new set of IP's to scan for printers.  

It is important that the 2 green icons appear that indicate good communication with the server. Sometimes the second icon takes a few secods to show up. 

If there are communication issues, open the monitor to see details of the possible error. See below. 

Press the Test key. Details of any errors will appear on this screen.

If the firewall blocks communications, you will need to create an exception or permission. If any file fails, it may be that the antivirus has deleted or blocked it. You have to create an exception in the antivirus.

What to do if a printer does not report?

Simply hit the "All" filter button to see if it's listed as "out of contract."

If so, click on the pencil icon to edit and mark as "under contract" and it will appear. If it's Stopped, you can also recover it with "recover".

Yes. Go to the next step.

No. Check if the driver at the client side is properly installed and communicates well with the server. If not, check antivirus or firewall.

Yes. Go to the next step.

No.It may be that this model is not yet approved. Send us a ticket with the exact model, serial number and customer code. In 1 business day you will receive a response.

Yes. Go to the next step.

No. If the color and black counters are zero, the printer will not report. The counter must have at least 1 print to be able to report. Simply print at least one color and one black copy and the printer will report in next reading.

Envíanos un correo a support[@] con todos los datos que tengas y te ayudaremos. 

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