Printer Management Software

Automatic meter reading to simplify your billing, management of toner alarms, proactive maintenance and tools for your sales team.
Printer management software

Manage your printers remotelly

Automatic meter reading to facilitate your billing, toner alarm management, proactive maintenance and tools for your sales team.

Automatic Meter Reading

Collect info from your clients printers.

Easily install an agent at your client’s to collect automatic meter readings, consumable levels and maintenance alarms automatically.
The agent it’s a small piece of software that runs on any Windows PC. Installation it’s a snap and can be done by any user with very limited IT skills.
Automatic Billing or Invoicing

Streamline your billing process.

Once you are receiving meter readings of your printers in a daily basis, you can decide to bill your clients every week or every 2 months, it’s up to you.
Simply export all printers or a selected group into a file.
ERP integration

Integration with your ERP or Billing software

Sync meter readings with your billing software to avoid human errors. Low toner alarms can be turned into delivery notes or Service alarms into tickets automatically.
Toner Management Alarms

Toner Management

Managing toner replacement just gets easy. Low toner alarms turn into orders which can be delivered just in time without urgencies. That avoids hassles in your back office and reduces your freight costs.
proactive printer maintenance

Proactive service maintenance

Be proactive with your maintenace while keeping your clients happy and reducing costs. Notice any printer errors before your clients even report it. With detailed information upfront your field service will be able to fix any printer ticket at once. Avoiding return trips.
Sales & Marketing

Real information about your clients habits

Would like to know more about your clients to detect new business opportunities?. Sell full service contracts with worry free printing. With the built in printer monitor assessment tool, your sales reps will pull a report before the visit a client. The same tool can be used for new prospects.

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