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AMR Secure 

Manage printers without internet

Even in closed environments like banks, hospitals or governments offices, you can manage all network printers 

Manage all network printers 

All printers connected to the local network will be monitored, including those in offices located outside headquarters connected by VPN.

All traffic is within the local network

The driver to collect meter readings, consumable status and service alarms is installed in a centralized server, without internet access.  

Let service providers do their job

External service providers will be able to supply consumables and service support just in time

Automatic emails 

Your service providers will be notified just in time when there is a new toner alarm or maintenance request.  

Email channel

Information is sent in both ways via email and is  automatically processed so user interface is the same as with normal internet access.  


AMR Isolated client 

Manage printers when your client has no internet.

Sometimes the only communication is email with no other internet access.  

Internet access 

In this scenario, the printer dealer has normal internet access. Some clients do have internet access as well and some clients only have access to email without any further internet connection.  

Email channel

The AMR driver for isolated clients, sends meter readings using the email channel. At the other end, the system will automatically load those emails and add them to the database as a normal meter reading.    

Mail server

The mail server can be an AMR server, which makes things easier to setup and more reliable, or it can also be the client mail server. Some testing will be have to done in order to make sure emails go through.