Custom Code

Open a new ticket in 1 minute

Your clients can open a new ticket without any password just scanning a QR code from the printer. 

Just scan the QR code. No passwords.

Avoid phone calls from your clients when there is an issue with a printer. They can simply scan a QR code form their printer. No password is required.

Avoid phone calls

It's a win win. Clients can open a ticket instead of calling your support team. Faster for your clients and cheaper for you using less human resources.     

Mobile first

Right from their private smart phone, without installing any app or password. Faster than a phone call. At anytime.   

Include a photo

Printer data is already pre-loaded with the QR code.  They can include a photo that helps your service team to know whats wrong in advance.      

Auto reply email

Client user will receive an automatic email just when posting a new ticket so they know everything is taken care of.  

Toner order is also available

With the same QR code procedure, clients can place a toner order associated with the same printer. 

Try it now

Scan this QR code below with your phone to open a demo ticket now or click the button below as a sample.

Open QR code