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AMR Office automation tools

How can you benefit from it?  Check some examples of automation. 

Billing automation tools

Load  printer meter readings automatically into your billing software to automate client cost per click bills.

Toner supply automation

Turn low toner alarms into orders in your ERP software. 

Maintenance alarms

Automatically  log a new ticket in your ERP - CRM software.

Client service tickets / QR code

Help your clients open a new ticket simply scanning a QR code attached to the printer.

Technical options where you can choose from. 

Choose the type of report

With the data that comes from your managed printers, you can get any reports you like. Standard reports like meter readings are already available.

Many file formats 

By default you can choose from CSV, JSON, XML standard formats. Ask our support team if you need any special one.   

In your mailbox

You can get a report automatically every day in your mail box.  

Saved automatically in a folder

It can be also very convenient to have a report saved automatically in a particular folder in your disk, in a FTP or even in a Dropbox folder.  

API for developers

For developers, any report can also be posted to a given webhook or can be requested via webservice. 


Reports can be requested manually or can be posted automatically every few minutes or even every day.  

Check which options are available to automate your office.

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