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AMR Cube

Manage printers plug and play

With this small low cost hardware you can monitor all your clients network printers.

Send the AMR Cube 

Send a Cube to your client where you want to  monitor printers from. 

Plug the Cube

Ask your client to plug the AMR Cube to the power and to the network with an ethernet cable.  

Start monitoring  

Your printers will show up in your AMR Manager like magic. You can edit details add and remove printers remotely.  

Low cost

The hardware including a box, power transformer and cables cost around 30€ from our supplier. We'll give you details to order directly and save our handling. 


Auto - update

If you like, we can setup autoupdates so you don't need to do anything. 

Runs on Linux

Most printers, routers and even cars run Linux. It's very stable and reliable platform, although it monitors any kind of printers running on Windows and MAC environments.