Custom Code

Automatic emails to clients about tickets and toner orders 

Avoid phone calls from clients informing them automatically about status of service calls and consumable replacements.  



When a client notices that is running out of toner he may call you just to see if you have already taken care of. They know you are monitoring their printers, but  they call you just in case.  

Automatic email notifications

When we receive a service maintenance request or a low toner alert form the printer, we get a new event  into our system. By changing the status of that event, we could trigger a pre-set email to the client automatically.       

Status notification: In process

When status is set to "in process" the client will receive one email informing that we are taking care of the maintenance request or the toner alarm.  

Status notification: Done

When status is set to "dones" the client will receive one email informing that the new toner is on the way  and he will receive it in a couple days. 


Email templates will be customized with your logo and text, so your clients know it's your company that is  keeping them informed.