Printer monitoring software menas nothing if we don't find the right tools to make it useful for users. The challenge here was to call the attention of printer monitoring agents over a specific task only when it was needed and let them go when it wasn't. Email was not an option because we all have tons of spam messages and can not afford to add more. Pop ups may be disturbing and after closing it down, users may forget.

printer monitoring software

The problem

Our client has already signed a few MPS contracts supported by our printer monitoring software, delivering full service to their clients. That includes JIT toner replacement as well as service maintenance without user request. The problem came up because service requests and consumables orders come every now and then and sometimes service agents are not aware of new incoming requests. So they needed a system that alerts them when new orders and printer errors arise while they are doing other tasks.

The solution

- The screen had to be small enough to remain open in a corner while doing other things and big enough to show some information without disturbing, in a minimalist fashion. We requested some feedback from our client to find the right size.

- Inside, we thought about building a very flexible system that could be used for other requests in the future. So it could show any alarm status, pending tasks, or anything that can we could imagine to track.

- We put it all together and give it to test to our client. New systems that interact with users and influence how people work can be successful or not. It's hard to say in advance whether people will use it or simply leave it behind.

The benefits


Luckily users loved it. So they can focus in other tasks beside printer monitoring and when an alert pops up, aha! they see it right away.

The counter shows how many alarms are pending so they can wait until the counter show 3 alarms before they take action.

The same gadget, can be installed in any other PC within the network, so the manager can track the red lights if there are any.

The system became very visible when they decided to project it into a wall with a projector. Nobody like to see the red lights associated with pending tasks.

Again, little things make live easier and companies more successful.


Printer monitoring software

Tell us your problem related to printer management, and we'll take care of it. We like going the extra mile that helps your business be more productive and helps you be happy.