On October 24th I was invited to the new product presentation of  Konica Minolta in Barcelona.

At the end of the introductory session we were had a pleasant surprise: a session of African drums led by 3 Africans and followed by all the assistants. It was really fun to see a all the executives and middle-aged men dressed in suits and ties playing the drum like crazy. (In the end I attach a video)

Impresion con relieveEmbossed print starting from one unit.

The novelty is that Konica’s professional printing services can now offer embossed prints without requiring large quantities, that is, starting from one unit.

Web user interface for ordering prints within the company.

It is a web environment from which an employee of a large company or institution can order business cards, brochures, bookbinders, etc. It is an internal virtual store. It allows a flow of approval of costs by the superior and an exact control of the work done by the reproduction center. The recipient of the order can be an internal reprography center or an external company.

Camaras con procesadorSecurity cameras with multiple sensors and a processor.

Mobotix, are security cameras with dual sensors (Monochrome infrared, Color) full of sensors: thermal camera, IR movement, accelerometer, microphone and speaker. All combined with powerful software allows you to control a flow of customers in a parking lot or in the building hall. Detect fire or intruders in unauthorized areas. We saw an example where it detects fire and after 5 seconds it triggers the alarm.


More solutions to scan.

Bizhub evolution is a cloud service that processes scanned documents and does things with them. For example it passes it to an audio file through a speech robot. Maybe useful for the hearing impaired. Automatically translates a file from English to Spanish. Includes English, French, German and Spanish. It does not replace a professional translation but it is useful to get an idea of what a document is about. Pass a PDF document to Word (editable) with the promise that the format is similar to the original. Pull print (collect an impression on any connected printer) and Guest Print (Send a code to the guest by email to collect a document on any printer linked to the service)

Document Management / Docuware

Curiously they did a demonstration with a scanner that we all carry in our pockets. With a photo from the mobile they showed us how they passed an invoice to the management system recognizing all fields without having entered a previous template. It allows you to search for an invoice by amount, by supplier and even by product description. If we look for the mobile invoice to know if it is still under warranty, we look for iPhone or Samsung and we will find the invoice at the moment.

Process Automation.

This field sounds complicated, but it is about simplifying tedious processes. For example the tedious expenses reports. By creating an account in Captio and using the mobile to scan the tickets, the app automatically upload amounts to the system and from the company accounting department can be validated and paid. It avoids the tedious weekend job to collect all the tickets and invoices and pass them to excel, etc …

Another approach for larger companies is to automate a process that is repetitive and very frequent: Creating a new client: Capturing data from a form or even from a phone call with voice recognition, enter that data in a certain format in an ERP and send a welcome email to the new client. All those processes will get more flexible and useful with AI coming soon.

Workplace hubIT dashboardAll office IT hardware in one pack.

The Workplace hub is a modern MDF with a lower drawer where it houses a server for a small or medium-sized business. The added value is not only the hardware but the service they provide to support end users and IT managers. Ideal for a large company subsidiaries. They send a single hardware and can outsource remote maintenance. The hardware itself it’s  also beautiful. From a simple dashboard the administrator can monitor the state of the network.


Facebook like workflow

Facebook like collaboration environment

Focused on younger workers or Millenials, Konica has designed a collaborative environment with an aesthetic similar to Facebook, with a central timeline and sides where to find shared files and shared links. So the administrator creates a new project, assigns the collaborators and they can start sharing and work live with Word and Excel documents, upload photos and make comments.

As promised, find the video with the African drums: