More accessible information, more reliable consumable alarms.

AMR presents a great software update that makes it even easier to manage printers.

  • More information about toner alarms.
  • All historical at a glance to make decisions.
  • Filter to avoid false alarms.
  • Improvements of user interface in Manager, Messages and Signal.

Novedades AMR

Printer History at a glance

More info:

  • Toner history.
  • Prints since the last validated alarm (Send).
  • Days since last validated alarm (Send).
  • Benchmark between real prints and official page yield (%).
  • Average prints per day.
Novedades AMR
Novedades AMR

Edit printer

Change alarm levels
Stop receiving toner alarms: Uncheck it.
Stop receiving service alarms: set it to "0"

Edit Install

  • Discovery on-off (Permanent network scanner that discovers new devices connected to the network, it is very slow and non-invasive).
  • Driver on-off (It disables a complete installation and turning it into standby mode.It can be reactivated later).
  • 1-10 alarm check (Increases printer control frequency from 10min default to 1 minute. Makes sense for high production equipment that does not give levels in%) .
  • Send counters / info install.
Novedades AMR

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