Which counter should I pick with HP printers? equivalent impressions / total pages

When it comes to billing meter readings, some dealers bill 1 click per page, no matter the paper size. This very much depends on your agreement or contract with your customer. Legal or A4 is always counted as one click, right?. The point is wheater you charge 2x per A3 or Large paper size and one half for A5 or small paper size.
The HP page Usage Page report shows both meter reading size by size and also an addition with the Equivalent Impressions page count.

For some reason, you maight want to bill the total page count or the Equivalent Impressions. 
Note that softwares that use SNMP technology to read meters do count motor turns wich is simialr to page counts but not exaclty. Users will check the papge count report shown in the printer website and that's the one AMR collects. Wat you see is what you get approach.

The solution

At AMR Printer Management Software came up with a solution where you can chose wich meter reading you like to bill. By default you have a total page count and you can also select the  Equivalent Impressions page count for some other printers.

Most probably , you already have a contract and procedure, so we better adapt the software to your needs not the other way around.

How it works:

The DCA or Driver, collects both meter readings and you choose in the AMR Manager, wich one you get as a billing counter. Our technical support will need to activate this feature in your Manager setup so you are good to go.

Equivalent Impressions HP Print report

 Equivalent Impressions

 Equivalent Impressions