Our client didn't want to manually export their AMR data into their ERP System anymore. It was good for the old times when they only wanted to bill their clients once a month. Now, they wanted to use the full potential of their data and match it with their ERP system. So they contacted us for an ERP integration between AQUA and AMR.

The problem

Our client wanted to know performance of their customers in a daily basis. They also wanted to check client's profitability every time they send a toner replacement or any other consumable. In short, they wanted to integrate with their ERP all data coming from ARM like meter readings and consumable levels. Their ERP system would process it automatically triggering alerts and allowing them to pull performance reports for each client, contract or printer device. 

The solution

- At first we had to select the data that our client requested in a format that their ERP would understand. In this case that would be Printer serial number, meter readings Color and BW and for A4 and A3 as well as scans. Toner levels would also be requested.

- Then we needed to set it up so new data would be transferred every few minutes into the ERP system. That means ARM should drop a file into an specific folder in the right format every few minutes.

- The ERP would pick up that file and import it after running a match test. It means for example, if a serial number is not in their list, it will not import it. Sometimes serial numbers reported by printers do not match 100% with the ones the client has in their ERP system. An extra zero at the beginning or at the end will not work.

The benefits

After fine tuning any failure , this is the nicest part: When the system works and information is streamlined automatically into the ERP.

Decisions can be made in real time and people can work with people instead of typing data from one spreadsheet to a database.  

We are happy to add value to our clients and make their lives easier. 



Tell us your problem related to printer management, and we'll take care of it. We like going the extra mile that helps your business be more productive and helps you be happy.