Delete Printer

This action will delete the selected printer from the AMR database.
If the printer is reporting every day, it will show up in the AMR Manager next time it reports (in 24 hours at most)
If the printer is not reporting. will be deleted definitely.

Delete printer from Manager

Stop reporting

You will send a message to the client driver so that the printer in that IP address will stop reporting.
If the driver is active and running, will delete the printer from its list and it will not report again.

stop reporting printer


delete printer

If you want to delete one active printer, you’ll need to do both. Stop reporting and Delete Printer


Delete printer by mistake.

If you deleted a printer by error, simply wait 24h and it will show up again.

You can also look for another pinter from the same installation and force a meter reading now with Send Counters. It will send a meter reading of all printers in that site, included the one you deleted by accident.

You can also search in the install list and force a meter reading now. 

The response time of a reading, if the installation is active and the printer is connected, is 10 min maximum.