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HP Equivalent Impressions from usage page report

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Which counter should I pick with HP printers? equivalent impressions / total pages

When it comes to billing meter readings, some dealers bill 1 click per page, no matter the paper size. This very much depends on your agreement or contract with your customer. Legal or A4 is always counted as one click, right?. The point is wheater you charge 2x per A3 or Large paper size and one half for A5 or small paper size.
The HP page Usage Page report shows both meter reading size by size and also an addition with the Equivalent Impressions page count.

For some reason, you maight want to bill the total page count or the Equivalent Impressions. 
Note that softwares that use SNMP technology to read meters do count motor turns wich is simialr to page counts but not exaclty. Users will check the papge count report shown in the printer website and that's the one AMR collects. Wat you see is what you get approach.

The solution

At AMR Printer Management Software came up with a solution where you can chose wich meter reading you like to bill. By default you have a total page count and you can also select the  Equivalent Impressions page count for some other printers.

Most probably , you already have a contract and procedure, so we better adapt the software to your needs not the other way around.

How it works:

The DCA or Driver, collects both meter readings and you choose in the AMR Manager, wich one you get as a billing counter. Our technical support will need to activate this feature in your Manager setup so you are good to go.

Equivalent Impressions HP Print report

 Equivalent Impressions

 Equivalent Impressions


Why printer management software fails?

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The problem

Printer management software collect printer data like meter readings, toner levels, consumables and printer errors. Data collection is done by a software that gathers info from network printers and sends it over to a central database outside the local network. A software that captures data from the local network and sends it to an external server is usually detected by the antivirus and flagged as malicious software. Antivirus are updated every 3 hours with numerous changes. When a software that works in the background to monitor printers (aka DCA) is not expressly added in the white list as an antivirus exclusion, it can be blocked very easily. The antivirus can block or even delete the executable files and printers monitoring software will stop reporting. Windows updates, can also block any monitoring software that  finds suspicious of spying the net.

The solution

The solution is to re-install the software and make sure you whitelist the Printer Management Software adding it to the list of antivirus exclusions. As a complement the AMR Driver (DCA) software-only version, we introduce AMR Cube. A software + hardware solution that provides reliability over time . Not being affected by antivirus and network changes. We include list of pros and cons of the software-only version (AMR Driver) versus the hardware + software version (AMR Cube) .
AMR Cube pros i cons EN

Dropbox, what’s in it for me? (free office tools)

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There are some tools available in the internet that can help your business be more productive and it cost you no money. We start the first review / presentation with Dropbox. If you also use it, please share in our SM your thoughts.

Free_office_tools EN_Dropbox

You can download the presentation in pdf format by clicking the presentation below.


Toner life cycle:Re-use or recycle?

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After attending to the RT Imaging summit in Barcelona I found out something interesting that I like to share with you.


Users have 3 main choices:

  • Buy a new original toner from OEM supplier ( aka Canon, HP, Ricoh, Samsung…) When toner is empty send it to a recycling program back to the OEM supplier. OEM’s will recycle them, aka turn them into plastic and powder. End of story.
  • OEM try to get as much empties as they can so they don’t go into the remanufacturing business. Remember that consumables is the core business of printer manufacturers.
  • OEM also fight against manufacturers of compatible toner supplies defending their intellectual property (aka Canon and HP lawsuits)
  • OEM have a 90% of market share of color toner cartridges.
  • Buy compatible toner for a much lower price.
  • Quality is not an issue in BW printing, color printing is another thing, although is getting better.
  • Due to the recent patent infringement prosecution specially by Canon en HP, this is not a 100% safe path, legally talking.
  • Some compatible toner manufacturers claim to have bigger page yield although is not clear where some printers recognize it.
  • Buy a remanufactured toner cartridge and send the old one to the supplier to re use it again. Keep going on and on….
  • The green label is the nicest part of this option. Why throw away when you can reuse it?
  • Printing quality may be an issue here.
  • Price is obviously a corner stone here.
  • Some re-manufacturers will pay end user as much as 5€ for an old toner cartridge.


Notice this is just an overview of the market. If you have any comment or want yo add anything, go head and use our social media.



Why your field service techs will love AMR MPS software?

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How would your field service like to have more information about every single printer. Your field service technicians will love to have extra information before they leave the office.

Check out some of the benefits from using AMR software:

benefits for Field service

More info


TED Talk: 3D printing candy or highly custom sneakers.

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TED talks are a source of inspiration for me.
Amazing people share bright ideas to inspire all of us to change the world an make a better place to life.
Have a look at Avi Reichental, talking about his grandfather, a shoe craftsman, and how can 3d printing will be the tool that today’s craft mans will use to take care to each and every one of us.

Enjoy it.


A lifetime printer ink cartridge.

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Epson presents a system with an ink bag for 75,000 impressions. That’s the whole printer lifetime.

It’s an CPC / MPS system managed directly by Epson. No dealers, no service, no ink change.


Does your printer needs ink transfusion? what about 1/2 liter?

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Yes, there is a company called ink bags that supplies ink for your inkjet printer in bags like the ones used for blood. Yes it’s like a never ending cartridge. Instead of refilling the ink cartridge itself, they attach one bag for each color into a black box next to the printer.

blood bags printer ink refill

The system is not a as fancy (see video below) as the original ink cartridges embedded into the printer but they claim to save, around 50% if you do  the math, over the original HP cartridges. The fact is that this ink bag refilling system makes sense because they feed the new HP OfficeJet Pro-X with PageWide Technology. More info