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delete printer

Delete printer from AMR Manager

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Delete Printer

This action will delete the selected printer from the AMR database.
If the printer is reporting every day, it will show up in the AMR Manager next time it reports (in 24 hours at most)
If the printer is not reporting. will be deleted definitely.

Delete printer from Manager

Stop reporting

You will send a message to the client driver so that the printer in that IP address will stop reporting.
If the driver is active and running, will delete the printer from its list and it will not report again.

stop reporting printer


delete printer

If you want to delete one active printer, you’ll need to do both. Stop reporting and Delete Printer


Delete printer by mistake.

If you deleted a printer by error, simply wait 24h and it will show up again.

You can also look for another pinter from the same installation and force a meter reading now with Send Counters. It will send a meter reading of all printers in that site, included the one you deleted by accident.

You can also search in the install list and force a meter reading now. 

The response time of a reading, if the installation is active and the printer is connected, is 10 min maximum.


Did you know that 11% of toners are changed before they are empty? Some customers are throwing away YOUR money!

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cambio toner antes de tiempo

Now from AMR Messages you will receive an alarm when a customer changes the toner before it’s empty.

You'd be surprised to know how many times a user changes the 4 color toners when only one or two of them are empty. If they have it available, they simply change all toners and don't care about your money.

Other users, doing maintenance duties, sometimes change the toner when it's low but not empty yet, so they don't have to run when it really runs out.

To detect and solve those ecological and economic problems, we have implemented a new feature in the AMR Messages application. It's so easy, in a new tab you will receive a message when a customer changes toner ahead of time.

You just have to request a free update of the server software and start receiving notifications of change of toner before the time.


Users can easily open a ticket from the website.

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Users can easily open a ticket from the website.

Avoiding user calls and even emails to report a printer malfunction will save you time and money.

Ticket management from the web, is simple enough so that your customers will always use it. Your client will save time and you will save money.

With the AMR web interface for end users , information flows bi-directionally in real time.

Printer end users can easily open a ticket in case of printer failure or from any browser.

How it works?

- The customer or end user detects a fault in any printer.

- He/She acces the website with user and password, access the list of printers and clicks on the wrench icon.

- Fills in a brief description of the error or breackdown. He/She can also indicate name and email. 

- A red traffic light with a counter appear on the control panel of the maintenance service provider (the printer's distributor).

- Opening the "Messages" app, the ticket shows up. Responsible will assign the task to a technician and modify the status to: IN PROCESS or SEND

- In real time this change of state and the associated comment, are visible to the final client or user. The date of the process is also recorded.

This way, information flows in both directions in real time without the need for telephone calls. The information is centralized and registered in a single place and accessible in a transparent manner.

Users can easily open a ticket from the website.

Install AMR Manager for a second user. Slave Manager

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When you install the AMR Manager, you are also installing a MySQL database and a piece of software to collect all your data, called Downloader. To install a slave Manager or a second station, you only need to install the Manager but not the database or the downloader.


To install the Slave Manager for a second user,:

* Copy paste the folder (C:/amr_SQL_manager) from the server to the target PC

* Copy the shortcuts: Manager_10 and Messages from the mentioned folder to the desktop

This is the easiest way because you don't need to configure anything as it's already configured.


Yes, there is another way:

Instead of copy and paste, you can also run an installer to do so: 

*Download the (MPS software MANAGER Server side )

* Run it and select CLIENT in the check box and hit INSTALL


* Go to folder (C:/amr_SQL_manager) and run SetupDBmanager.exe

* Enter IP address of the Server ( where the Database is placed) or the Host name and hit test

* 2 green lights should show up if the test runs OK. Click SAVE and that's it.

Setup DB Manager



Edit system setting to export files from any Manager.

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Export not only from the server. To allow file export from any station you'll need to change the default settings.


Edit System settings to export from any station:
• Open Manager from server or any station.
• Go to Advanced TabIP
• At the bottom right corner find a drop down menu. Click the small triangle and select System Settings
• Double click to edit lines 1001 and 1002 and type the correct server path.
• All users must have Read and Write access to it.