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Gestionar impresoras USB

Manage USB printers

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Usb printers are hard to manage because they do not follow any industry standard.

After a long experience figuring out how to manage USB printers, we came back to basics. It turns out that transforming USB into ethernet it's the simplest way to go.  Let me explain.

Turn USB into Ethernet

A plan

Many USB printers also have an Ethernet plug. The reason why users do not plug into the network is either they only have one ethernet plug for the PC or they do not want to connect the printer to the general network.

With the help of a USB to ethernet adapter  we can plug the printer to the PC with an ethernet cable. We create a micro network between the printer and the PC with an adapter. PC will remain connected to the network as it was, with no change.  The hardware has a cost (Google Ethernet USB 2.0 Adapter) but installation it's a snap. Sometimes installing heavy software can be time consuming.  

Now we can simply install the AMR client driver to manage the printer as a normal network printer. The only thing is that it requires installing the AMR driver into each PC because printers can't be seen from the general enterprise network.


Manage USB printers directly

B plan 

In case A plan is not possible, we still have a B plan. Now it depends on the printer brand and drivers availability.

This system works as follows. Printer manufacturer must have a driver to collect data from USB printers and "broadcast" it to the network. With the proper software, that "broadcasted" data can be collected. Here is where AMR gets in to integrate this data into your management system. So    

Managing HP USB Printers 

There is a list of USB printers that HP approves for "broadcasting" their data. Some basic printers are not supported.

Find a list of supported devices here (HP Web Jetadmin  Supported Devices

If you'd like to manage a USB HP supported printer, we'll help you out to find the right HP software so you can make it.

Managing Kyocera USB Printers

If you'd like to manage a USB Kyocera printer, we'll help you out to find the right Kyocera software.

Managing Samsung USB Printers

You can also manage Samsung USB printers. Samsung Software to do so it's quite heavy and hard to install.  Let us know and we'll help you out.

Other Brands

Send us a request if you need to manage them. Contact   





Manage USB printersWe recommend to turn any USB printers into Ethernet printers when possible. If you can't, let us help you out and find out whether it's possible to do so. Send us your request. 


How often do I receive meter readings updates?


The AMR driver updates printer data every so often depending on various factors:

How often does the system updates

The AMR driver (agent) checks the printer status.

- If any of the consumable levels changes 5% or more: it sends a report. Good to know if you need to send a replacement.   

- If there is any new printer alarm: it sends a report. Very useful for pro-active service maintenance. 

- If the device prints more than 500 copies: it sends a report. Valuable information if you are tracking printer usage patterns.

- If nothing is happening at all, the driver will send a report only every 24h if printer and connectivity are available.

Notice that the communication between the AMR Driver and the printer does not imply any external communication.  

After years of experience this configuration fits our clients requests and keep network traffic as low as possible.

If you have any specific request that need to increase or decrease frequency, talk to us and we'll support you on how to do it.  

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