AMR Cube: Manage printers with zero install. Plug and play.


Send AMR Cube to your client. No need to send a field technician over.

plug and play

Your client plugs AMR Cube to into their network and to the power supply. Simply plug and play.

printer manager

Your client printer data arrives automatically to your AMR Printer Manager.

What advantages do I have with AMR Cube?

  • AMR Cube is a hardware + software solution that works completely autonomously.
  • All you need to do is plug AMR Cube into a power outlet and the local network.
  • It works on Linux, which is a very stable and reliable platform, although it monitors any kind of printers on Windows and MAC environment.
  • It is not affected by Windows updates or antivirus.
  • It is so easy to connect that you can send AMR Cube to your client and avoid sending a field technician over.

How much does AMR Cube cost?

  • For customers with Premium + license it is free. They just need to buy the hardware.
  • The AMR Cube Hardware costs € 30 approx. purchased directly from our suppliers. It is a standard hardware approved by AMR. It requires a simple assembly and flashing an SD card with the AMR software. (Ask for details)
  • If you prefer to buy it from us ready to send to your customers, the cost is € 60 + VAT and transportation. (Prices jan 2019. Subject to changes in future)

AMR Cube. Manage printers with a plug and play device.