Entrerpreneur on the move

Small dealer / freelancer managing printers on the go.


Two colleagues with more than 10 years experience managing printers, started a company offering premium service in their area. They had a very small structure in the back office, they where always on the go, either selling or doing maintenance.

They would like a system to manage all their printers like a pro without spending a fortune in software


With AMR, they could start managing 50 printers and grow as they get bigger, without any upfront costs.

With the cloud license, they can access the data from any mobile device or tablet on the go, receive their alarms in their mailbox or push notification and export their data once a month to bill their clients.

Everything is billed as a service, so they just pay a monthly fee without any upfront investment.



    Automatic meter readings for an accurate billing.
    Alarms in your phone.
    Printer management on the go.
    Pro service without back office

    Customer is happy because he can forget about maintenance

    Easy to upgrade if you grow.

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