Phone retail chain with 100+ shops

A telecom retail company with 200 shops all around the UK.


With more than 200 offices, managing their printers was a nightmare.
In each shop there where an average of 2 employees attending the public. Ordering new toner or opening a maintenance ticket was not their first priority, but when a new contract had to be signed, they need the printer to be up and ready, otherwise they would loose a sale.


They made an agreement with their toner supplier to install AMR software to monitor all their printers. The toner supplier was going to take make sure that all shops had their printers up and running. If any maintenance issue arise, AMR software will inform the toner supplier and he will request maintenance service, either to fix it onsite or simply send a replacement printer and collect the old one to fix it.

telecom shop


JIT toner delivery
No time wasted managing toner cartridges.

Customer is happy because he can forget about maintenance
Employees can focus into their selling activities.

Accurate information is sent to field service technicians, so they can decide how to solve the ticket beforehand.