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News from Konica Minolta. Everything but printing.

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On October 24th I was invited to the new product presentation of  Konica Minolta in Barcelona.

At the end of the introductory session we were had a pleasant surprise: a session of African drums led by 3 Africans and followed by all the assistants. It was really fun to see a all the executives and middle-aged men dressed in suits and ties playing the drum like crazy. (In the end I attach a video)

Impresion con relieveEmbossed print starting from one unit.

The novelty is that Konica’s professional printing services can now offer embossed prints without requiring large quantities, that is, starting from one unit.

Web user interface for ordering prints within the company.

It is a web environment from which an employee of a large company or institution can order business cards, brochures, bookbinders, etc. It is an internal virtual store. It allows a flow of approval of costs by the superior and an exact control of the work done by the reproduction center. The recipient of the order can be an internal reprography center or an external company.

Camaras con procesadorSecurity cameras with multiple sensors and a processor.

Mobotix, are security cameras with dual sensors (Monochrome infrared, Color) full of sensors: thermal camera, IR movement, accelerometer, microphone and speaker. All combined with powerful software allows you to control a flow of customers in a parking lot or in the building hall. Detect fire or intruders in unauthorized areas. We saw an example where it detects fire and after 5 seconds it triggers the alarm.

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How to setup your push notifications

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New. A pocket size printer that you can truly take along.

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A team of entrepreneurs from Israel started up this new concept of printer. Kind of a mini “Roomba” robot that prints in any paper size. Another clever idea that is looking for funds at Kickstater. You can still back the project if you like it. (200 US$)


Your Print Is But a Tap Away from your Mobile

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Samsung comes out with the first NFC-capable printer

Here’s a newsflash. Smartphones are super popular.

In the United States, for example, more than half the cell phone users have some sort of smartphone. (Which makes the rest of the segment stupid, I guess.) Worldwide about one in five people use a smart phone, meaning more than 1.4 billion of these gadgets are out there.

It was only a matter of time before a print company decided to smarten up as well.

Enter Samsung, which created the Samsung Printer Xpress C410/460 Series to join the smartphones at the head of the class.

Tapping is the way the two communicate. According to Samsung, you get an image up on your smartphone, tap the back of it to the icon resembling the smartphone and boom, out pops the image. The unit makes use of Near Field Communication, the newest, and some might say revolutionary, technical gadget to hit the printing market.

Reviewers of the Samsung printer are going gaga over the new use of NFC technology. Samsung is the first printer manufacturer to add it to their printers and reviewers say it adds a sense of simplicity to wireless printing. More info


Mopria: Canon, HP, Samsung and Xerox rowing in the right direction

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3 major printer manufacturers have set an alliance with Samsung, also a printer manufacturer and the second largest mobile manufacturer in the world to allow mobile phones and tablets Print easily without previous settings.
Users around the world will hopefully benefit from simplicity as well as the whole printing industry.

Let’s see if Apple makes a movement to make their mobile devices compatible with the new standard.

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Lets get Clickable!

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Ricoh alternative to the QR code offers users more ways to connect with print
Clickable paper

image from freedigitalphotos.com

Here’s the dilemma.

You find yourself at a friend’s house at a dinner party. A magazine left on the coffee table beckons your attention.

It’s obviously left there by mistake, since your friend’s mom is sipping cocktails in other room. You quite sure the scantily clad women on the cover would lead to some sort of medical condition.

So what do you do?
You could remove the offending item and save your friend from impending family controversy. More info