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Canon Patented Gear risk of infringement

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We have all heard of patent disputes with major brands like Canon and HP with manufacturers of compatible and remanufactured toner cartridges.

Here you can see in a 3d video the difference between a legal compatible gear and the one that violates Canon patents.

Good luck.

Canon patented gear

Simple video to find out weather your printer parts are legal or violate a Canon patent.


3-D in a 2-D World

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UK Company succeeds printing ink cartridges on 3-D printer

Color print

Image courtesy FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Something’s a little odd about the following.

A company in the UK called Inkfactory is using 3D printers to make ink cartridges to be used in their 2-D printers. The reproduced cartridges are said to be the first of its kind and are based on the Kodak ESP C110. And Inkfactory says they are pretty good. All they need is a little OEM ink and they are all set to print.

But I found the juxtaposition of the 3-D printer working for the 2-D printer a touch off key. It’s like having a chimp employing humans to create a better implement to get those tasty termites out of the mound. More info