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New benefits and features for AMR users

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More accessible information, more reliable consumable alarms.

AMR presents a great software update that makes it even easier to manage printers.

  • More information about toner alarms.
  • All historical at a glance to make decisions.
  • Filter to avoid false alarms.
  • Improvements of user interface in Manager, Messages and Signal.

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Ghost prints: when counter stands still and toner is consumed.

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Are you in the MPS cost per copy business?

Then, you may have some experience about ghooost printing. It happens specially in color laser printers, when customer decides not to print in color mode in order to save some money. What happens is that every time the printer is turned on and some times also during the working day, the printer itself runs a so called “calibrating process”. More info


How to setup your push notifications

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Why do you want to Automate everything in your company?

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Once upon a time, I used to rely on manual printer meters readings to bill my cost per click customers. The process was expensive, time consuming, and human errors came up more than once…

Automate your business

Let me point out 4 of the benefits from automatic meter readings? More info


The 3 Things You Need To Know before visiting a new prospect.

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Printer Monitoring Software

Separate from the pack. This is the time to break out your know how. Your expertise together with MPS technology will increase your sales closing rate by detecting and solving your clients real problems.

Take Inventory

Find the best documentation solutions by getting a good handle on a company’s equipment inventory. In today’s corporate culture, there are many hands in the purchasing pot from the CFO to the IT department. This often leads to inefficient purchasing and an inventory that often doesn’t make sense, at best. Creating solutions require not only a grasp of the problems facing a company, but also an understanding of how the inventory in place may be contributing. Be sure to get a good picture of the company’s equipment capabilities, and as a result, its inefficiencies.

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