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3D Print Your Own Jet Engine.

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Download, 3D print and Play

GE let you play with a man powered jet engine. Download files here 

3D print jet engine toy

source: GE

GE is investing in a new plant to mass produce 3D printed parts for jet engines:

Equipment installation will begin in late 2014 and production of additive components will begin in 2015. By the end of 2015, the plant could have as many as 10 printing machines with the potential to grow to more than 50 printers and occupy a third of the facility at full capacity.



Ego Printing: A new 3D printing business model.

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A company in my hometown, Barcelona is selling a new product: yourself.
The idea is that you go to the photo studio, get scanned with a 3D scanner and after paying 99€, a color 3D model of yourself is printed.

3d_print_ego print


My question is: Why would you like to have a 3D printed YOU?

Different situations come to my mind … People in love leaving far away?, kids missing their parents or parents missing their kids maybe because they study or work abroad?, or grandparents missing all of them… Who knows?

Its a new business model and a new opportunity that 3D printers are bringing to us.
Check out this video and see how it works:

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The 3D print shop in Barcelona is: http://www.labs3d.com/index.html


The 5 challenges in today 3D printing.

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If you are not yet into the 3D printing world, let’s have a look at the 5 challenges that you will face if you get in soon.

printrbot 3D printer

printrbot 3D printer


The layered printing process is laborious and takes a such a long time. The end user / customer anxiously awaits the printed prototype to play with it. From the production point of view the printer is always busy printing. Impulsive printing is not an option. So it’s important More info


Coffe shop + 3D printers = FabCafe Barcelona

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3D printing requiere long waiting times, so what do you do? Have a cup of coffee.

A new fun project is launching in Barcelona: 3D printing and CNC facilities to create anything you like in a very special and friendly atmosphere. The idea is very smart  and it’s now in a crowd funding process. Based in a old textile factory in the center of Barcelona, MOB is now a co-working office of creative people. FabCafe will be just like the topping of a creative environment.  Click the image if you like to see the video. Share it if you like it.


First carbon fiber 3D printer.

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Carbon fiber stronger than steel and light as a plastic material. Used to build aircraft, ships and high-end sport elements as bicycle frames or even prosthetic legs.
It is a very expensive material by the raw material itself and its laborious manufacturing process. Requires placing carbon fibers in layers and wait for the epoxy resin to catalyze.
This process is similar to that used for 3D printing by layers. Marcforg3d engineers saw the similarity, had the idea and got to work. So today we have the first 3D printer that can print carbon fiber.
Price tag $ 4999

Watch video below


3D printers in 2014

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Form 1 from Formlabs.com

3D printers are revolutionizing the world . Promote creativity in schools, doctors can create customized prostheses or even fabrics with living cells, artist design jewelry with no limits, kids make their own toys… it seam to have no limits.

Some 3D printer brands have already created websites for children where you they can design and print toys at home or send them to a 3D printing facility.

Prices are dropping but 3D printers are still an expensive toy to take home.

It’s interesting to see how Kickstarter and other crowd-funding web portals have boost entrepreneurs to create and bring to the market their own 3D printers. It’s the first time that entrepreneurs step ahead of big brands to introduce a new product line into the market. The big elephants will come in sooner or later and will launch a mass production model hopefully on 2014.

Meanwhile let’s have a look at the 3 technologies that exist today: More info


3-D Printing Has Oh So Much Potential…

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Revolution in Printing Technology Still In Its Infancy

Image from Flickr page via Mineware.com,

The possibilities of 3-D printing are mind-blowing. With a little technical wizardry you could find a way to print a pizza or that bouquet of anniversary flowers you forgot to buy.

However, the days of printers translating genetic codes or recipes are bit far off in the future.

Today, we see samples of the technology in places like the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). A colleague saw images of buildings and landscapes created in the digital juggernaut Minecraft . They were printed on 3-D and the results were true to Minecraft form , meaning pretty box-like, with very simple colors.

More info


3-D in a 2-D World

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UK Company succeeds printing ink cartridges on 3-D printer

Color print

Image courtesy FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Something’s a little odd about the following.

A company in the UK called Inkfactory is using 3D printers to make ink cartridges to be used in their 2-D printers. The reproduced cartridges are said to be the first of its kind and are based on the Kodak ESP C110. And Inkfactory says they are pretty good. All they need is a little OEM ink and they are all set to print.

But I found the juxtaposition of the 3-D printer working for the 2-D printer a touch off key. It’s like having a chimp employing humans to create a better implement to get those tasty termites out of the mound. More info