Sales & Marketing

Provide useful tools to your sales team to boost your sales.

Real time information about your clients' printing habits pinpoint new business opportunities.

Do you have a way to track your customers activity, apart from your sales reports?

Don't you feel sometimes like a blind person when you see a sales report and would like to know more about your clients to see new business opportunities?

Blind person

Would you like to have something valuable to offer to your customers, that actually saves you money?

Something that makes you more cost efficient, adds value to your customer and makes him loyal?

MPS Full service contracts


Real information about your clients habits opens a whole new conversation between your client and your sales rep.

With the built in printer monitor assessment tool, your sales reps will pull a report before the visit a client. The same tool can be used for new prospects.

MPS Sales tools

Sell full service contracts to your clients.

Who wants to bother about toner replacement, reading meters or report printer errors? With AMR MPS software, you can easily automate the whole process so your customers can focus into their business .

MPS Full service contracts

Detect out of contract printers at your client's.

Most of your clients have hidden printers that you don't see. With AMR Printer discovery you'll have updated information of all the network printers at your client's.

Printer Discovery tool

Automatic toner selling machine.

Setup AMR Toner selling machine and send to your clients automatic emails when their out of contract printers need toner replacement.

Automatic toner replacement

Download your tutorial and a 30 free trial license with full features.