Printer dealer / Toner reseller

If you are a printer dealer and want to automate your printer management workflow.


You've been in the market for years and already have a good customer base. 

Definitely want to automate your meter reading process and maybe integrate it with your ERP.

You also want to automate the toner / consumables management to supply to your customers just when they need it.

You may also like to monitor printers errors so your field service can act before your client even notice it.

And you don't want to spend a fortune on it.


So if you have many clients with a single printer or photocopier and you also have a few large clients with several printers each one, this is for you.
It doesn't matter where they are, which printer brand is it or how is they network, you just need:
- a printer connected to the network
- and Windows PC connected to the internet.

From there, AMR will monitor your printers so you can Bill/ Invoice meter readings, manage toner replacement and follow up printer errors.

Automatic meter reading comes very handy specially when your clients are in remote places.
It also helpful when printers are spread out into a large factory or even when the client has different locations.

Remote printer management also allows you to offer a full service to your clients so they can forget about their printer, you can handle consumables replacement and any printer error without end user intervention. Of course automatic billing without any customer intervention it's a great cost reduction.

Clients just got happier because everything was handled without them even noticing it.


Cost reduction

    Automatic meter readings for an accurate billing.
    Integration with your ERP billing software
    JIT toner delivery
    No wasted toner cartridges.
    No more parts left in deposit at the customer's

    Customer is happy because he can forget about maintenance
    Customer has access to their printers' information via web portal.

    Accurate information is sent to service field technicians, so they can make wiser decisions. Maybe calling the customer and postpone a visit until the spare part comes the next day.

Premium Printer management
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