Enterprise with several offices / shops

You may be a company with different production plants, several offices and sales reps.

and want to manage all your printers with their printing supplies and printing costs.


In your company headquarters building you already have several printers spread along the whole building.
There also a few production plants abroad with their own printers as well.
Sales reps and some of the management have their home offices with a printer as well.
And you are supposed to manage all of them? no way!


Yes we can help you out!.

Printer in your own network: No problem, install AMR Driver (agent) in your server or any connected PC or VM. 

Printers abroad: You can monitor them through a VPN or simply install the same AMR Driver anywhere in the remote network and let it run independently.       

Home offices: We know that laptops are not always online but when they connect, AMR Driver will report meters and toner levels. Home office printer are  normally in low production so it shouldn't be a big deal. 

Once they are all connected, you'll have access to control print volume, to evaluate when someone asks to have their own printer. You'll be able to automate toner ordering so it can be sent just on time and will also be able to monitor relevant printer errors.    


Print volume / cost control
JIT toner delivery
Automate toner management.

End user is happy because he can forget about maintenance.
Employees can focus into their activities.

Silver Printer management
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