When you install the AMR Manager, you are also installing a MySQL database and a piece of software to collect all your data, called Downloader. To install a slave Manager or a second station, you only need to install the Manager but not the database or the downloader.


To install the Slave Manager for a second user,:

* Copy paste the folder (C:/amr_SQL_manager) from the server to the target PC

* Copy the shortcuts: Manager_10 and Messages from the mentioned folder to the desktop

This is the easiest way because you don't need to configure anything as it's already configured.


Yes, there is another way:

Instead of copy and paste, you can also run an installer to do so: 

*Download the (MPS software MANAGER Server side )

* Run it and select CLIENT in the check box and hit INSTALL


* Go to folder (C:/amr_SQL_manager) and run SetupDBmanager.exe

* Enter IP address of the Server ( where the Database is placed) or the Host name and hit test

* 2 green lights should show up if the test runs OK. Click SAVE and that's it.

Setup DB Manager