HP wants to scare anyone involved in trading with cloned ink and toner cartridges.

OEM’s business model is based in selling printers at a cost price and making the money with the consumables. So, if end users buy printers at a cost price from OEM and buy consumables somewhere else, into the low end market, that hurts the OEM’s core business.

Big manufacturers like HP, Canon, Lexmark, Samsung and others that will come, are sending their attorneys to suit anyone they catch, apparently at a random choice, just to let anyone know that they are not safe anywhere.

The Netherlands, Spain, Poland, USA and even China are the places where HP lawyers opened new cases recently.

Important part of the strategy, is to make it public so everyone get scared. Just in case…

Fighting for their property rights it’s fair thing to do. The point is that no one, apart from big OEM factories can afford the cost of a patent infringement lawsuit.

Nothing to say to defend the low quality cloned cartridges manufacturers with no respect for patents.

What about remanufactures that consciously collect empties, refill and sell to re-use consumables? they have an important task to safe the planet.
Will they be able to face the same lawsuits from OEM’s just because they replaced a part inside the cartridge?

We’ll see….

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Read HP  press release

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