The AMR driver updates printer data every so often depending on various factors:

How often does the system updates

The AMR driver (agent) checks the printer status.

- If any of the consumable levels changes 5% or more: it sends a report. Good to know if you need to send a replacement.   

- If there is any new printer alarm: it sends a report. Very useful for pro-active service maintenance. 

- If the device prints more than 500 copies: it sends a report. Valuable information if you are tracking printer usage patterns.

- If nothing is happening at all, the driver will send a report only every 24h if printer and connectivity are available.

Notice that the communication between the AMR Driver and the printer does not imply any external communication.  

After years of experience this configuration fits our clients requests and keep network traffic as low as possible.

If you have any specific request that need to increase or decrease frequency, talk to us and we'll support you on how to do it.  

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