Are you in the MPS cost per copy business?

Then, you may have some experience about ghooost printing. It happens specially in color laser printers, when customer decides not to print in color mode in order to save some money. What happens is that every time the printer is turned on and some times also during the working day, the printer itself runs a so called “calibrating process”.

Don’t ask me why, but this process consumes some amount of toner. The thing is: if the printer is turned on every working day, even when no color prints are made, the “calibrating process” itself, ends up finishing the valuable toner. So you may be replacing that color toner without getting any prints from of it, neither getting any money.

ghostprintIt’s weird but its real, with the crisis and costs reduction policies going on everywhere, you may have a few of them in the fleet you manage.

What can you do to solve it?

  • Detect under usage of color printers.
  • Find a win win deal together with your customer. If he has decided to print only BW in color laser printers, you better come up with a renewal plan to switch to BW only printers. Find a way to replace it, and give it to someone else that uses it.
  • Check meter readings before you send any toner cartridge to see if a minimum page yield has been reached. If not, go to step 2.
  • Use an MPS software to monitor under-used printers. AMR software will show you how many prints a cartridge has made before you send it.

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