Yes, there is a company called ink bags that supplies ink for your inkjet printer in bags like the ones used for blood. Yes it’s like a never ending cartridge. Instead of refilling the ink cartridge itself, they attach one bag for each color into a black box next to the printer.

blood bags printer ink refill

The system is not a as fancy (see video below) as the original ink cartridges embedded into the printer but they claim to save, around 50% if you do  the math, over the original HP cartridges. The fact is that this ink bag refilling system makes sense because they feed the new HP OfficeJet Pro-X with PageWide Technology.

It’s an inkjet printer where the printer head is wide like the paper sheet and stays still. No moving parts side to side.It means lightning speed, up to 70 ppm, no need to heat the fuser like laser printers, so, less energy consumption.

And last but not least: Less consumables to replace, like fuser and drum means 50% cost savings, compared to color laser printing. With original parts of course.

Want to know more, stay tuned, we’ll talk about it shortly.

How to install the ink bags Video