AMR Secure +   The only printer management software that works within your closed network. 


secure+ Printer management softwareSome institutions like banks, lawyers and specially healthcare related organizations, don’t like anyone to sniff their networks. IT managers have the responsibility to keep their networks away from data leaking, hackers, and malicious software.

In the other hand we need connectivity to get things running like, printer management, maintenance, IOT and so on.

If networks are completely closed from the outside world, they are safer, but users have to manage things manually like in the old times, just because of that, they are isolated from suppliers.

In AMR we like challenges, so we got into the job to come up with a solution for that.

  • The challenge was to set a whole Printer Monitoring Software, as a stand alone system that runs within a closed network.
  • Not only that, but the system had to run virtually in any standard PC, no special hardware required.
  • Easy to maintain, no need for a dedicated IT guy.

After several months and many hours of development and fine tuning the AMR development team came up with AMR SAFE+:

  1. A Stand alone system that works within your network without internet connection required. ( Except for installation and maintenance )
  2. Can run in any PC / server. Very low resources required.
  3. Easy and simple to deploy and maintain with full support form AMR.