One of our clients, came up to us with a problem he couldn't find a solution for. He had some older contracts where Ricoh develop page counts was required. Meters not related to color prints but to every specific color usage. Only the color that was used was counted. With new contracts they had standard print counts. The point is that they wanted to integrate both contract types into the same same system.


The problem

One of our clients, came up with the problem where in older contracts with Ricoh printers, they needed to collect develops instead of print counts. That means that each individual color counts a click if it’s used and counts non when it’s not used. 

We studied the problem and found out that some Ricoh printers would provide that counter. So we updated our driver so it could read develop meters.


The thing was that the develop counter would be needed only when there was an agreement with the client, so the system had to be flexible. 

The solution

Again, our team worked hard to make things easy. Our client has a flag that when it’s turned on, it’ll trigger the develop counter to show up instead of the standard print count. So now when the export meter readings to their ERP, they get the right counters in place.

The benefits

Our customer happy because they can automate their workflow even with the special contracts.

We are happy to add value to our clients and make their lives easier. 


Ricoh develop page counts

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