Insurance company with high security requirements

High security environment in a very restricted network.

The challenge: to manage all printers while maintaining maximum security and privacy.


One of our clients, a printer dealer in Mexico had a contract with an insurance company to manage all their printers. A fleet around 800 devices. For security reasons the company wanted to have all communications encrypted using SNMP V3 protocol. While not all printers comply with this protocol, in a recent security audit they've been recommended to use this protocol. The management had confirmed it as a requirement.

Outbound communication should also be encrypted (HTTPS) and would pass through a proxy server.

The printer fleet was located in different places and came from different manufacturers: Kyocera, HP, Canon, Ricoh and Samsung.


SNMP V1 protocol is a standard used by all networked printers. V3 (V3 SNMP) version brings additional complexity as it's fully encrypted. At this time it is the highest security standard that exists in this environment.
Security is a challenge and satisfaction at the same time. Thanks to this customer, we can now offer encrypted SNMP V3 internal communications and external communications with HTTPS encryption.



High security standard.

The customer is happy because he can forget about the maintenance of printers.

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