Paper jam


#1   Keep paper dry – 

Useful tip: add a silica gel bag into the paper tray to keep it dry

#2   Store paper in a dry place

Same as 1st point. Keep it away from moisture

#3   Use the right paper  

Use a decent quality 80g paper to avoid paper jams

#4   Turn it off 

Make sure energy saving mode is on. Or simply turn it off at night.

#5   Face and back of paper. 

I’ve checked this point with a paper Expert I know and replies that this is a point only  when printing images or high quality jobs.

#6   Flech and pinch 

Simple and useful tip to avoid paper jams. (video)

#7 Adjust the paper drawer stops.

It keeps paper straight and also avoids paper jams

#8   Mind the by-pass tray

Keep it always closed if not in use. Take that sandwich away from the by-pass tray.

#9   Thermostat location

Printer heating disrupts correct thermostat operation. Move the printer if this is case for you. You’ll save money on air conditioned in the summer and stay warmer in the winter.

#10   Top dow

Make your copies with the top down. Stick the cover on top of the original when copying. Not doing so will result in wasted toner