3 keys to become a successful printer dealer.

Useless reports, binders, and long memorandums are no printed anymore.Golden days where colorful powerpoint charts where printed as a meeting giveaway are gone. Paperless office is not yet here at full but it’s getting closer.

On the other hand, it’s hard to leave behind the feeling of a real document or brochure in your hands instead of a PDF file saved in some virtual cloud.

The cultural change going from a paper centered office to a paperless workflow it’s not easy at all.

After chatting with some customers involved in the business for a long time I reduced the secret of success into 3 milestones and I’d like to share them with you.

1 Be more efficient.

Manage more printers and copiers with the same man power. Work smart.

Where can I work smarter?

Let the technology help you with the tuff job:

- Automate meter readings and the whole billing process. Let AMR Printer monitor help you with that. Gather all meter reading information from your printer fleet and sync with your ERP software for direct billing.

- Monitor toner levels of all your printers to know exactly when they running out of ink and replace them Just in Time. Have a first hand information direct form the printer, when a customer calls you asking for some toner replacement. Control service maintenance and spare parts replacement.

- Increase the number of tickets solved online trough a remote control. Connect to your customer’s network trough a remote service like team viewer or show my PC. Avoid tech support on site. AMR printer monitor will come up with some new product soon.

2 Offer more for less.

Add value to your services to keep your clients and get new ones.


Help your customer to reduce their IT costs by giving a full support with their printer and scanning devices. With a live Monitoring service your support department will be able to solve most of the issues that come up just when the customer calls or even before that if you run a preventive maintenance.

3 Extend your business with your existing clients.

Share your expertise know how with your customers and become a consultant for free.

Why for free?

If your give expert free advice to your customers, you create a bond of trust. Hopefully your customer will ask you for advice when planning future changes concerning technology, workflow, document management. That means you’ll be the first to detect new business opportunities and be the first  to move with the change.

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